How to see everyone on Google Meet

16 Mar 2022 - Lundin Matthews

When on a Google Meet with a lot of participants it often happens where many of the participants do not appear on your screen, whether you're presenting or not. In this post we'll solve the mystery of how to see everyone on Google Meet...

image of Google Meet

How to see everyone on Google Meet

How to see everyone on Google Meet in the Google Meet grid view is one of the top asked questions for Google Meet users. It can often be frustrating when you're presenting or simply talking and cannot see all participants in your Meet. The grid view can often times only show a subset of the participants that are actually present, and this is often because your Google Meet grid view extension settings are not set correctly.

Below are the steps you need to take to show everyone on your Google Meet grid view:

Open Google Meet Settings

When you're in a Google Meet, the first step to showing every participant in the grid view is to first select the '...' option menu in the bottom tab bar. Once selected you will see a list of options to choose from.

google meet setting screen

Click Change Layout

Once you see all the option, select the 'Change Layout' option to access the layout options menu – it's from here that we will be able to tweak our settings to change our new Google Meet layout to view all active participants.

google meet settings change layout to grid view

Update Google Meet New Layout Settings

Now that you have the Google Meet layout settings modal open you can adjust the settings to view more participants in the grid view. In terms oh how to get this new Google Meet layout you will need to change two settings within this modal:

Change Layout: the default layout selected should be 'Auto', but in order to see everyone on Google Meet you will need to change this setting to 'Tiled'

Change Tiles: the last and final step is to change the maximum number of tiles displayed in the Google Meet grid view. This by default is set to a low number, but we can adjust is to increase the total number of particpants in the grid view. Drag the slider all the way to the right until the number reads as '49'

google meet grid view layout change

How to see everyone on Google Meet while presenting

The second most commonly asked question about Google Meet is how to see everyone on Google Meet while presenting. This can be frustrating as when you're presenting you are often only able to see a small subset of the participants in the Meet – making it feel like you're presenting to no one! This is also odd as it can make it hard to see reactions from your audience, or for teachers to see if your students are actually paying attention!

Below are the steps for how to see everyone while presenting:

Unpin Presentation

To view everyone while presenting and see their videos as larger thumbnails, you simply need to unpin your video presentation. To do this, hover over the large presentation video in the Google Meet. When hovering you will see a few options appear at the center of the video. The option on the far left side, which looks like a pin with a line through it, will allow you to unpin your presentation. Select this option.

google meet see everyome while presenting

Presentation Unpinned

With the presentation unpinned you will now see a smaller version of your presentation in the top left hand corner of the screen, while all the participant tiles will now be visible at a larger scale.

google meet presentation unpin

How to see everyone on Google Meet on iPad

Luckily for iPad users they are already able to see everyone on Google Meet on iPad ever since Google released this functionality a little while ago. On iPad grid view is enabled by default and any new user will display in the grid when they join.

In conclusion

Above lists out a couple great ways to get these new google meet layout options in order to see everyone in google meet or while presenting in Google Meet. We also covered how to see everyone on google meet on iPad as well.

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