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Google Meet, with super powers ⚡️

Meet Pro adds over 25 new features that makes Google Meet a little more like Zoom.

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Auto Record icon

Auto Record

Automatically start recording the Meet (Google Workspace required)

Sort Participant List icon

Sort Participant List

Adds toggle to the participant list to sort by last name

Take Attendance icon

Take Attendance

Capture the attendance of the meet and export to a CSV

Quick Emoji Reactions icon

Quick Emoji Reactions

Adds quick emoji shortcuts to the chat window

Auto-Unmute icon


Stop others from muting your mic

Mute All icon

Mute All

Mute all participants in a Meet with a single click

Remove All icon

Remove All

Remove all participants in a Meet with a single click

Auto Admit New Entrants icon

Auto Admit New Entrants

Automatically admit all new entrants – no more annoying pop-up

Auto Deny New Entrants icon

Auto Deny New Entrants

Automatically denies new entrants to the Meet

Speaker Highlight icon

Speaker Highlight

Adds a border around speaking participants

Auto-Minimize Video icon

Auto-Minimize Video

Auto-minimize your video when you join a meet

Adjust Meet Volume icon

Adjust Meet Volume

Adjust the volume level of the Meet

Chimes on entry and join icon

Chimes on entry and join

Chimes sounds will always play when participants leave and join the Meet

Picture-in-Picture icon


Display a single participant in a hovering video

Auto Hide Top Bar icon

Auto Hide Top Bar

Hide the top bar when the bottom bar disappears

Find Active Meet Tab icon

Find Active Meet Tab

Click the extension icon to find the active Meet tab

Auto Copy Meet URL icon

Auto Copy Meet URL

Automatically copy Meet URL to clipboard

Meeting Timer icon

Meeting Timer

Displays a meeting timer in top menu bar

Mirror Videos icon

Mirror Videos

Mirrors all videos in the Meet

Dark Mode icon

Dark Mode

Turn Google Meet into dark mode

Transparent Bar icon

Transparent Bar

Make the bottom bar transparent so it doesn't cover participants video

Toggle Bottom Bar icon

Toggle Bottom Bar

Toggle the bottom control bar to appear or disappear

Auto Full Screen icon

Auto Full Screen

Auto go full screen when someone is presenting

Hotkey Editing icon

Hotkey Editing

Customize your push-to-talk hotkey

Display Clock icon

Display Clock

Display the clock even when not in fullscreen

Hide Mute Popup icon

Hide Mute Popup

Hide the ''Are you speaking?'' popup from appearing when your muted

Do Not Disturb icon

Do Not Disturb

Mute all Meet notification sounds, hide new comment & new participant join popups

Auto Pin Chat icon

Auto Pin Chat

Automatically open and pin the chat every time you join a Meet

Hide 'Add Others' pop-up icon

Hide 'Add Others' pop-up

Hides 'Add Others' pop-up when joining a Meet

And much more! icon

And much more!

New features released every month. View our roadmap to see what we have planned

Basic Features

Push to talk icon

Push to talk

No more hunting for the un-mute button. Hold Space to talk.

Auto join icon

Auto join

Skip the join screen and get straight to the meeting, or only join when participants are present.

Quick leave icon

Quick leave

No more awkward searching for the hang-up button. Leave with Shift + K

Auto-return home on leave icon

Auto-return home on leave

Automatically return to the Google Meet home screen after leaving a Meet

Quick Start icon

Quick Start

Quickly start a new Google Meet with the click of a button.

Set Background Color icon

Set Background Color

Set custom background color in the Meet

Auto captions icon

Auto captions

Automatically enable captions on all calls.

Auto mute icon

Auto mute

Auto mute microphone on all calls.

Auto video off icon

Auto video off

Disable your camera by default on all calls.

Auto Ignore Presentation Overlay icon

Auto Ignore Presentation Overlay

Auto hide `infinity mirror' alert when presenting

Participant Video Style icon

Participant Video Style

Change participant videos like always showing or hiding names, or hiding speaking icons on videos.

What people are saying

"This extension has been one of the few brightspots during COVID-19."

Sean Hinkle

"AMAZING! I have seen these features but not all together. Love the one stop shop and design!! Thank you!"

Jen Giffen

"Adds the features that Google Meet should have had all along. ❤️ it."

Trevor Harmon

"Excellent extension. We use it a lot, and it improves the user experience of Google Meet by a million."

Mike Niblett

"RIP Zoom. This is the best ❤️"

Tavis Joron

"This is really useful, now I can save some time by not clicking any buttons in order to join google meet. This extension is a life saver."

Nicholas Hoi

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